PACE Regular Season Set

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The PACE Regular Season Set was a high school question set in the old PACE NSC format produced collaboratively by several colleges in 2007, 2008, and 2009 and mirrored at various tournaments around the country. The tournaments were intended to raise awareness of the NSC and provide possible NSC competitors a chance to play on the unique format before the championship itself. The 2007 set was created by VCU, UCLA, Florida State, Brown, Texas, Leo Wolpert, and Emil Thomas Chuck. The 2008 set was created by VCU, Brown, and Minnesota, and the 2009 set by the various individual members of PACE.

Following the discontinuation of the NSC format in 2009, a special set in this format became unnecessary and the set was no longer created.

Several other independent invitationals were produced in the old PACE NSC format, including the 2006 Richard Montgomery tournament and most of the Case Western GLRAC tournaments. HSAPQ also wrote two sets in NSC format for their first year, 2008-2009.