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The American Academic Challenge was a national championship event for high schools that ran at least three times in the mid-90s (1993-1995) and was operated by sometime National Academic Championship staffer Brooks Sanders. It may have also occurred before or after that period, but such information is unknown.

This tournament trophy consisted of a one-foot-tall faux-stone pyramid topped by a large brass eagle that weighed forty pounds, and was clearly the best trophy ever handed out at a high school national.

The unique qualification method involved both submitting an application which described past tournament performance and writing an essay called "Give Back to America."

The AAC was planned to have been revived in 2015 and was scheduled to take place in Chattanooga between 22 and 24 May, but it was canceled. [1]

Known info about the AAC:

Year Champion Second Third Fourth Location(s)/Field/Other
1993 South Oldham Chaska William Tennent someone from North Carolina Nashville, TN
1994 William S. Hart Eleanor Roosevelt Opryland Hotel, Nashville, TN; 16 teams; $1000 scholarship to each winning team member
1995 Walton Maggie Walker Eleanor Roosevelt Nashville, TN