Christian Carter

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Christian Carter
Noted subjects Literature, mythology, social sciences, computer science, misc. trash he's ashamed to know
Past colleges Minnesota (PSEO/CIS Program), Emerson
High school Minneapolis South (2007–2009)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Christian Carter played at Minneapolis South and occasionally played tournaments with Minnesota, or with some Joseph Hansen.

Christian served as a liveblogger and roving reporter at several national championship tournaments, including the 2009 HSNCT.

He won the 2009 Benjamin Cooper Young Ambassador Award, and was then briefly a PACE member in 2009.


Christian sort of helped Ian Eppler organize the beginnings of No Name Tournament but didn't actually do any writing.


Christian has won a bunch of scoring trophies that aren't first at a bunch of high school tournaments. He was on the championship team at the 2008 Minnesota Open. He also won a terrible high school tournament on Patrick's Press questions.


Christian created and previously maintained the High School Quiz Bowl Packet Archive, and developed some other quizbowl software, including an iPhone scorekeeping app and Tournakit.[1][2][3]

Benjamin Cooper Young Ambassador Award
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Lee Henry & Chris Sewell
Sam Luongo