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DePaul University
DePaul Blue Demons Script Logo.png
Chicago, IL
Current President or Coach Kyle Asta
National championships None
NAQT Page link

DePaul University is a private Catholic university in Chicago, IL.



DePaul was listed on the Maize Pages with contact info for a "Dan Horowitz" "Confirmed" in October 2002. By October 2005 it was no longer listed. No results from 2000s DePaul appear to survive.


After leaving Minnesota, Alex Damisch played two tournaments (ACF Fall and Delta Burke) solo while pursuing a Master's degree. She was joined by Ryan Rosenberg, who was taking classes at DePaul, for SCT 2018.


In 2018-2019, DePaul freshman Kyle Asta played some tournaments solo. As of 2018-2019, he is currently in the process of establishing quizbowl at DePaul as a registered student organization.