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Des Moines, IA
National championships
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Drake University is a Post Secondary Institution in Des Moines, Iowa. It has been active in Quiz Bowl since 2001, but it has become more competitive in the past couple of years, with the development of longtime president Quentin Roper and the drafting of notably talented younger player Brendan Byrne. The two, along with Steve Wise, and Derek Olson, tied for fourth in the Division II NAQT ICT in 2007.

Some former players:

  • Steve Wise
  • Sarah Arlien
  • Stacy Meyers
  • Eujin Chung
  • Zack Kertzman
  • Phil Verbeke
  • Ben Urick
  • Jess Zaiken
  • Therese Sojka
  • Brendan Byrne
  • Derek Olson
  • Katie Fink
  • Anna Dieterman
  • Quentin Roper