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A guerrilla tournament, in the strictest sense of the term, is a tournament in which the host school provides no staff, no buzzers, and no packets, only a set of rooms in which to play and (occasionally) a tournament schedule. Participating teams bring one self-written packet each, figure out who is going to bring buzzers, and moderate on bye rounds (sometimes this involves multiple byes in a single round to provide adequate staff). Tournament fees are minimal (usually only enough to cover the cost of the rooms), if they exist at all.

The original guerrilla tournament was Quesadilla I, run by Caltech in the summer of 1998. Since 1998, a few other clubs have started their own guerrilla tournaments.

With the decline of "true" guerrilla tournaments in the United States, the term has since come to mean any tournament in which the editors do little or no editing to any submitted questions.

(Incomplete) List of Guerrilla Tournaments