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Kevin Kwok

Kevin Kwok is a former student of MIT (class of 2017) and Annandale High School (class of 2013). Kwok is best known today as the co-creator of the online question reader Protobowl with fellow Annandale student Ben Vest.

Kwok's unwillingness to address the issue of inappropriate chat in public Protobowl channels is frequently cited as the primary cause of its precipitous decline in the public eye, as the website quickly became rife with trolls with no effective way to combat them.


Despite mentioning that Annandale attended VHSL districts, various quiz bowl scrimmages, and NHBB events during his time there,[1] Kwok likely never played a quiz bowl tournament, as Annandale only had an It's Academic team during his time there[2] and he did not play for MIT. This fact has led many to accuse him of not caring about the best interests of the quiz bowl community,[3] especially as it became clear that major issues with Protobowl would never be resolved.


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