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Penn Manor High School
Millersville, PA
Coaches Chris Meier, Sallie Bookman
State Championships Pennsylvania
National Appearances 2013 HSNCT, 2018 HSNCT
Program Status Active
School Size 1,600
NAQT Page link

Penn Manor High School is a public school located in Millersville, Pennsylvania. Its two feeder middle schools are Manor Middle School and Marticville Middle School.

Team History

Penn Manor High School's quiz bowl team has been in existence and playing in the Lancaster-Lebanon League since at least the early 2000s. Penn Manor was a frequent National Academic Championship participant in the mid 2000s. They also have and continue to participate on the non-pyramidal TV quiz show, Brain Busters. Outside of the Lancaster Lebanon league, Penn Manor rarely participated in pyramidal events. The team participated in both the 2012 and 2013 versions of the now-defunct NAQT Eastern Pennsylvania State Championship. In 2013, a team led by Morgan Flood competed at the 2013 HSNCT, finishing 3-7. Penn Manor's return to non-league pyramidal quiz bowl came in 2017 when then-freshman Connor Mayers discovered Greater Pennsylvania Quizbowl Resource, and began reforming the club and making it more active. Penn Manor became south eastern Pennsylvania circuit regulars going into the 2017-2018 school year.

Former Players

  • Kevin Ward, 2018
  • Chad Hoglund, 2019
  • Sean Moore, 2019
  • Connor Mayers (captain), 2020
  • Shane Mosley, 2020
  • Brennan McFall, 2020
  • John Harrold, 2020
  • Reed Stevenson, 2020
  • Rachel Collison, 2020
  • Ryan Dang, 2020
  • Ryan Fidler, 2020
  • Audrey Ritchie, 2020
  • Claire Devinney, 2021
  • Gabe McGough, 2021
  • Luke Horst, 2021
  • Kyler Stigelman, 2021
  • Tommy Hockenberry, 2021
  • Eleanor Helm, 2021
  • Max Keefer, 2021
  • Morgan Cooper, 2021
  • Bernadette Eckman, 2021