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Delaware County Hi-Q (Delco Hi-Q) is a quizbowl-ish competition in Delaware County, PA that claims to be the oldest continuous academic competition in the United States. It is currently run through the Delaware County Intermediate Unit.


Because its establishment preceded the old College Bowl TV show, DelCo Hi-Q began as a radio show called Scott Hi-Q and has not changed much in format since. Hi-Q has been played continually since 1948. Buzzer systems are barely used, tossups are directed to one team at a time, and each team has four chances to answer the question. Buzzers are only involved on "steals" if the team being directed the questions cannot come up with the answer. Thus, DelCo Hi-Q shares some similarities with Academic Decathlon.


Its questions appear to be very anti-pyramidal. They are based in part on a specific study list of topics introduced each year.

Cost and Funding

The cost per participating school is $1,800 per year. source (p. 8) The Franklin Mint Credit Union also provides significant funding through its foundation for Hi-Q and some kind of awards and prizes at the end of the year.

The Quizmaster for DelCo Hi-Q may be the highest-paid person out of any academic competition in the country on an hourly level, receiving $325 per match. source (p. 9)

Other Teams

Related organizations playing this kind of Hi-Q appear to have also been established in Green Bay, WI, in southern Alabama around Mobile, and in some of Seattle's northern suburbs. These few teams then play with the DelCo Hi-Q champion in a playoff via videoconferencing each year for a "national" championship in Hi-Q.

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