Stars 2000 National Academic Tournament

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A high school national held in 1989, 1990, and 1991. It was operated by Academic Enterprises.

The first tournament was won by Irmo. See 1989 Stars 2000 for more.

Information on successive tournaments is sketchier. The 1989 through 1991 versions of the event were held at a Radisson hotel in Lexington, KY. The 1990 and 1991 tournaments were won by Auburn and Dorman, respectively.

The tournament involved a computer competition, similar to KMO, as a qualifier. The top sixteen teams in the disk-based portion were given free travel to Lexington to play regular matches. The questions were of the speed-check variety. The first two tournaments awarded $10000 to the championship team and computers to the other top four teams.

$5000 was to be awarded to the champions in 1991, and two to three thousand dollars to other final four teams. The promised prize money was not awarded. This, coupled with the last-minute cancellation of the elementary-school contests to be run in 1992 by Academic Enterprises, three lawsuits, and nineteen Better Business Bureau complaints, led to the folding of the tournament.

Date Champion Second Third Fourth Field Size
May 14, 1989 Irmo St. Joseph's Niceville Granville 17
April 28-29, 1990 Auburn Dorman Seaholm Irmo 16
1991 Dorman