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Quizbowl stats, or statistics, are data recorded at tournaments about game events. They generally include win-loss record and team scores; many tournaments also keep more detailed results, such as players' number of tossups played and answered correctly (including different types of answers like powers and negs). Further data can be derived from combinations of these statistics. The proper keeping and posting of stats is an essential responsibility of either the tournament director or a designated statsperson at every tournament.

The dominant statkeeping programs for quizbowl are SQBS and YellowFruit, which are available for free. A similar program called Taft has been discontinued.

SQBS has the ability to generate HTML statistics reports that can be posted online for public viewing during or after a tournament. The Quizbowl Resource Database allows forum members to post SQBS reports for free (a service originally offered by ScoBo Tournament Central).

A list of statistics and additional related pages is on the statistics category page.

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