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Crete-Monee Warriors
Crete, Illinois
Club President None
Coaches Jeff Noble
State Championships None
National Championships None
National Appearances Unknown
Program Status Unknown
School Size Unknown

Crete-Monee High School is a public high school located in Crete, Illinois. Located 30 miles south of Chicago, Crete is a school of around 1,500 playing in Class AA under IHSA. The team competes in the SICA conference, but also travels to many statewide tournaments.


Career Tossup Leaders

# Name Years Active College Attended
205 Billy Morgan 2007-2009 University of Chicago
190 Alison Melko 2007-2009 University of Illinois - Urbana
105 Kat Mannel 2005-2008 Southern Illinois University
92 Matt Raymond 2005-2007 Purdue Calumet
84 Nathan James 2004-2006 University of Illinois - Urbana
81 Allison Arbuthnot 2006-2009 University of Chicago
77 Nathan Tedeschi 2007-2009 University of Illinois - Urbana
61 Matt Stevens 2007-2009 North Central College
58* Andrew Jensen 2008-2010
46* Brian Gutelius 2008-2011
  • The * denotes still active players