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The Collaborative Middle School Tournament (or CMST), is a question set written by volunteers from the Quiz Bowl community. The goal is to produce a set accessible to Middle School students that follows the tenets of Good quizbowl and follows an mACF Tossup-Bonus Format. The first set was produced during the 2009-10 school year and it was repeated in the 2010-11, 2011-2012, and 2012-2013 school years.

The distribution for 2010-11 was American History (1/1), European History (1/1), Ancient/World History (1/1), Government (0/1), Geography (2/1), English Language Literature (2/2), Other Academic Lit/Language Arts (1/1), Juvenile Literature (1/1), Life Science (1/1), Physical Science (2/1), Astronomy (1/1), Conceptual Math (1/1), Computational Math (0/1), Visual Arts (1/1), Auditory Arts (1/1), Religion (1/1), Mythology (1/1), Current Events (1/1), and Your Choice (1/1).

The first set, for 2009-10, is believed to have been used at Barrington (IL), Chattahoochee (GA), Dorman HS (SC), Illinois Valley CC (IL), and LASA (TX). Its creation was overseen by Andy Watkins and written by Nick Bergeon, Matt Bollinger, Zach Foster, David Garb, Jeff Hoppes, Sandy Huang, Idris Kahloon, Tanay Kothari, Kay Li, Charles Martin Jr., Trygve Meade, Aidan Mehigan, Charlie Rosenthal, Donald Taylor, and Dwight Wynne. Jeff Hoppes, Jeff Price, Donald Taylor, and Dwight Wynne served as the primary editors and proofreaders.

The second set, for 2010-11, was used at Bainbridge (GA), Barrington (IL), Chattahoochee (GA), Dorman (SC), Early College (NC), Longfellow Middle School (VA), Springfield (IL), and Tuscumbia (MO). It was written and edited by Ankit Aggarwal, Joe Brosch, Siddhant Dogra, Brad Fischer, Zach Foster, Jonah Greenthal, Jeff Hoppes, William Horton, Adil Khan, Kay Li, Charles Martin Jr., Brendan McKendy, Fred Morlan, Jeff Price, David Reinstein, Tristan Willey, and Dwight Wynne.

The third set, for 2011-2012, was used at Barrington (IL), Tuscumbia (MO), Stratford San Jose (CA), Early College at Guilford (NC), and Bainbridge (GA). It was written and edited by Joe Brosch, Kristin Burns, Michael Falk, Brad Fischer, Matthew Hayes, Kathy Hempel, Jeff Hoppes, Mike Laudermith, Charles Martin Jr., Jacob O'Rourke, Michael Perovanovic, Jeff Price, David Reinstein, Donald Taylor, Tristan Wiley, Mike Wong, Dwight Wynne, and Ben Zhang.

The fourth set, for 2012-2013, was used at Barrington (IL), Early College at Guilford (NC), Washington (MO), Madison High School (CA), Chattahoochee (GA), Harvest Park (CA), Arcadia (CA), Stratford San Jose (CA), and Mountain Lakes (NJ). It was written and edited by Ankit Aggarwal, the Bainbridge Team, Scott Blish, Kristin Burns, Ben Chametzky, Aaron Dos Remedios, Michael Falk, Brad Fischer, Jonah Greenthal, Abid Haseeb, Kathy Hempel, Matthew Hill, Jeff Hoppes, Mike Laudermith, Colin McNamara, Michael Menkhus, Jacob O'Rourke, Zach Pace, Aakash Patel, Jeff Price, David Reinstein, David Riley, Ryan Rosenberg, Ethan Russo, Ezra Serrins, David Shoemaker, Adam Sperber, Kristen Strey, Brittany Trang, Tristan Wiley, Nolan Winkler and Ben Zhang.