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2000 Merivale team. L to R: a moderator, Hogel, Mageau, coach Walker, Batchelor, Annett, Zlotorzynska, Demerse, Ercit

The 1999-2000 team from Merivale High School was one of the most impressive debuts in Canadian high school competition.

In September, Richard Mageau contacted a newly-hired teacher about starting a Reach for the Top team. Mageau was given permission to attend every English class in the school during the second week to publicize the new club. A junior intramural club swelled to 50 members at one point, with some good players joining the small, but strong, senior team.

The team struggled in their first competition, Ottawa Reach regionals, losing the city title to Gloucester, but still qualifying for provincials with a second-place finish. At provincials, the team swept the field, defeating Ridley College in the final. At the national finals in Edmonton, Merivale again defeated Ridley in the final, claiming the 2000 Reach championship.

Barring the years of Reach being established and re-established, Merivale is the only school to win the Reach title on their debut. The 2003 Merivale team would later win a title during their debut with SmartAsk!

Captain: Chris Demerse

Regulars: Evan Annett, Kyla Ercit, Matt Hogel

Alternates: Matt Batchelor, Sarah Kriger, Ben Smith, Maria Zlotorzynska

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