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SmartAsk! (exclamation point included) was a Canadian high school quiz show televised by CBC after said network no longer had any rights to Reach for the Top. It featured several minor celebrities both as regulars and as guest "celebrity judges". It is generally not regarded as "good" academic competition.

2001-02 Season

Featuring teams from every province and territory of Canada, 125 teams competed on radio and TV in a single-elimination format (each territorial team received a first-round bye). The 2002 Kennebecasis team from New Brunswick took the championship.

2002-03 Season

The series began going downhill this season, with numerous celebrity appearances, toilet humor, and a special satellite feed to "analyst" Andy Saunders. The 2003 Merivale team won on their debut after Ben Smith "called it" before the series even aired, cementing the illegitimacy of the tournament. Producers fretted when "evil" Merivale defeated "good" Kennebecasis in the final, turning off all six of their middle-school-aged viewers.

2003-04 Season

Going even deeper down than the previous season, SmartAsk! fell apart in a season won by 2004 Templeton from Vancouver. Various factors led to the show's cancellation, where "various" means "Daniel Pareja".


Several former participants and "active" viewers continued to either play or establish quizbowl teams at university. They include:

  • Clara Blakelock
  • Alex Darling
  • Angela Duffett
  • Patrick Dunn
  • Rob Gillezeau
  • Adam Goldenberg
  • Sarah Kriger
  • Matto Mildenberger
  • Daniel Pareja
  • Andy Saunders
  • Ben Smith
  • Jordan Stopciati