2003 Merivale

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2003 Merivale SmartAsk! team. L to R: coach Walker, Kriger, Smith, "celebrity judge" Colin Mochrie, Karim

The 2002-03 Merivale team won the second season of SmartAsk! on their debut. They got an ugly wooden cartoon light bulb as a trophy, and in disgust, didn't return it the following year. The third season of SmartAsk! thus got a shiny glass and metal trophy.

In Reach for the Top, they won the city title for the second straight year after defeating Lisgar three times over the course of the tournament. At provincials, their TV experience was useless in a first-round playoff exit.

For the story of a good Merivale team, see 2000 Merivale

Captain: Sarah Kriger

Regulars: Jayson Johnson, Imran Karim, Ben Smith

Alternates: Dave Davis, Andrei Janus

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