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The 2006 iteration of the American Scholastic Competition Network Tournament of Champions (or TOC) was scheduled to occur in Chicago in May 2006. However, the tournament was cancelled a week before the tournament without informing the teams - no future TOCs were ever held.


Many high school teams had already made travel arrangements, with one team not learning of the cancellation until arriving at Chicago. Some or all of the schools also never recovered their registration fees. Gary Lipshutz, head of ASCN, was quoted in a newspaper article about the missing registration fees as saying that a minimum of 24 teams were needed for a "truly competitive" tournament, but only 14 were registered.

In the following year, several coaches drove to Sioux City, Iowa where the ASCN was registered to press police charges.[1] Lipshutz came under investigation for fraud; however, it appears that eventually no legal charges were ever pressed against any individual involved in the scandal.

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