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Briticising is the process of editing quizbowl packets that were originally written for a non-UK or general audience in such a way to make them more accessible for a British audience. This can involve increasing or decreasing the difficulty of questions based on the players' likely level of familiarity with the material, or replacing questions entirely. Most novice quizbowl tournaments held in the UK are Briticised (e.g. 2022 British Novice), although the more difficult British Student Quiz Championships also rely on Briticised external questions.


Most topics outside of science could potentially be subject to Briticisation, particularly sports, pop culture, geography and literature. For example, at an American novice tournament, it might be appropriate for a tossup on Herman Melville to end with "Bartleby, the Scrivener". In the United Kingdom, where players would on average be less familiar with Melville, such a tossup would likely be extended to mention Moby Dick.