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The British Novice tournament is an annual novice collegiate-level tournament held in the UK, typically around November. The tournament is characterised by having a lower difficulty than other tournaments in the season, as well as being targeted at a UK audience. The first British Novice tournament was held in 2017 at Imperial College London. Subsequent iterations saw the tournament being run simultaneously at Imperial and the University of Glasgow. Questions were house-written by the UK quizbowl community for the 2017-21 tournaments, but for the 2022 tournament, a Briticised NAQT Collegiate Novice set was used instead.

In 2022, due to industrial action from train drivers, as well as clashes with term dates, the tournament was held twice on separate dates, with an online site on the 26th of November and an in-person site at Imperial on the 3rd of December.


Results by year
Year Site 1st place Top individual scorer Stats
2022 Imperial Imperial A Catherine Archer-Richards (Roehampton) Stats
Online York Sourajit Debnath (Oxford D) Stats
2021 Online Imperial Arun Uttamchandani (Edinburgh 3) Stats
2020 Online Oxford A Saif Awan (Glasgow A) Stats
2019 Imperial Oxford A Jamie Burchett (Southampton B) Stats
Glasgow Glasgow 1 Brian Nieves (Glasgow 1) Stats
2018 Imperial Brookes A Ruairidh Forgan (Cambridge) Stats
Glasgow Miscellaneous Jack Pollock (Miscellaneous) Stats
2017 Imperial Oxford Michael O'Connor (Oxford) Stats