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Competition season 2019-2020
Head editor(s) Geoffrey Chen
Difficulty Open
First mirror
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CANONEXPANSION (Creating Additional Names Or New EXtra Possible Answers Now Science Is Only Natural) was an open difficulty side event written by Geoffrey Chen, with contributions from Vishwa Shanmugam.

The set was considered to have lived up to its name and successfully "expanded the canon" - many of its questions entered novel new territory, while remaining accessible to players.

At the CO site, the set was played as a nine-way shoot-out that had Eric Mukherjee pull narrowly ahead of Kai Smith over the first five rounds. The room was by far the strongest of any field: 47.5% of questions were super-powered and an additional 31.5% were powered, with only 18 gets and 4 questions going dead. Eric, Kai, and Kevin Wang all got more super-powers than any other player at the other two sites, despite playing alongside one another.