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Chlo Spinks
Noted subjects Music, Pop Culture, Psychology, Literature
Past colleges Oxford Brookes (2018-2022)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Chlo Spinks was the omnipresent Social Sec for both Oxford and Oxford Brookes Universities during her 2018-2022 Business and Marketing Management degree. She is noted as one of the best pop culture players on the UK circuit, especially on the subfield of popular music.

She is known for trailblazing such events as Drink Talk Learn (DTL), Who Posted That, and Jungle Quiz, and alternative quiz structures such as Music Stem Addition, Movie Movie Mashup, Uneducated Guess, and many more.

Quiz career

Chlo has played both for Oxford and against them with Oxford Brookes. Notable highlights include playing on Oxford's committee team during varsity, helping them to secure the win, achieving a second bracket place at BSQC with Brookes, and consistently first lining Pride and Prejudice. Pub Quiz achievements include multiple wins at the Gardeners Arms and Big Society.

As the Social Sec of both Oxford and Oxford Brookes Chlo focussed on bringing them together for events such as Drink Talk Learn (DTL) and Jungle Quiz. This has notably created memorable moments such as Mehmet Tatoğlu wrestling a catgirl maid and the infamous metal-band-names-to-boat evening.


Writing and Tournament Directing

  • Chaos Quiz 1
  • Chaos Quiz 2
  • Chaos Quiz 3
  • Trashtourn 3000
  • NOW: That's What I Call A Tournament
  • STEM Tournament
  • Chalamity Packet(s)
  • OUQS Mixed
  • Various Unnamed

Tournament Directing

  • 2021 Last Chance Saloon
  • 2021 ACF Winter


  • Chlo has a lifesize poster of Prince's Controversy shower photoshoot on her wall that shows up behind her during tournaments