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Jungle Quiz is a quiz structure created by Chlo Spinks and hosted primarily at Oxford Brookes University.

Adapted from the game Jungle Speed, participants sit in a circle with a totem in the center as a quiz packet is read. When they desire to buzz, they must dive into the middle and lift the totem over their head. If two people want to buzzer race they have to wrestle to hold the totem. Further rules are explained below.

Easier mixed packets are recommended to increase the chance of buzzer races.


  • Before the game begins choose a safe word for during buzzer races- this is imperative
  • A totem can be anything that is shaped like a water bottle and won't break or hurt someone if dropped, thrown, or used as a weapon
  • If someone negs they cannot buzz again- regular quizbowl rules are in play in this way
  • When a neg occurs the totem is replaced to the center, everyone returns to their place in the circle, and participants are only allowed to buzz after the reader counts down from 3