Covenant Christian Invitational

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The Covenant Christian Invitational is an annual January high school tournament in Huntsville, Alabama, and is usually held on an IS set. The tournament is sponsored by Covenant Christian but actually takes place at Huntsville's Southside Baptist Church. Its usual field is mainly Alabama teams, although Tennessee teams like Hume-Fogg and MLK have attended recently.

In 2018 the site was moved to Central Presbyterian Church.


Year Packet set Field size First place Second place Third place
2019 IS-181 18 Randolph Gadsden City A Spain Park A
2018 IS-172 20 West Point Gadsden City A Itawamba A
2017 IS-162 8 Itawamba A Russellville A Fairview (AL)
2016 IS-152 19 Gadsden City A Gadsden City B West Point A
2015 IS-142 34 Spain Park A Hoover West Point A
2014 IS-130 24 Randolph A Gadsden City Hoover A
2013 IS-122 21 Randolph A Hoover A Gadsden City JV C
2012 IS-111 13 Hoover B Alabama Fine Arts Gadsden City A
2011 IS-100 7 Kate Smith DAR A Lincoln County/Randolph None
2010 IS-90 10 Hume-Fogg Lincoln County Brindlee Mountain A/Alabama Fine Arts A/Brindlee Mountain B
2009 IS-79 8 Lincoln County A Cullman/ Brindlee Mountain A None
2008 IS-72 15 Randolph B Brindlee Mountain A Brindlee Mountain B