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The DAR High School Kickoff Invitational was a high school tournament hosted by DAR in Grant Alabama. It was held in late August from 2009 to 2011. In 2011, the tournament had both JV and Varsity divisions. The tournament used an NAQT set.


Year # of Teams Champion Second Third Fourth
2011 Varsity 12 Pope John Paul II Ezell-Harding Hume-Fogg Gadsden City
2011 JV 10 Ezell-Harding Hoover Hume-Fogg Gadsden City
2010 27 Ezell-Harding A St. Andrew's A Chattahoochee Kate Smith DAR A
2009 16 Hoover A Hume-Fogg A MLK Magnet Exell-Harding A