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Chattahoochee Cougars
Hooch logo.jpg
Johns Creek, GA
Club President None
Coaches Michael Mathis (2014-Present), Elliott Rountree (?-2014)
State Championships 2002, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016
National Championships
National Appearances HSNCT: 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009-2016
NSC: 2008, 2009, 2011, 2014-2016
Program Status Active
School Size 1855

Chattahoochee High School is a high school in Georgia that runs the Chattahoochee Academic Team Tournament in mid-December every year.

In 2011 Chattahoochee broke the record for the most negs at HSNCT with 76. Player's from that year's team competed at PACE NSC as the Sidney Lanier Experience and placed 15th.



This year marked the ascendancy of the B team. The A team finished 3rd at the New Trier tournament, but they lost to their B team. Then, at GATA Winter, two of the A team's players were out, so they co-opted the top two scorers of their B team onto their A team. However, the A team still managed to lose to their "B team" consisting of the remaining B and C team members. Finally, at WIT, the A team (minus Tej) finished in 6th while their B team finished 2nd.


This year, the A team made of Aditya Duddikunta, Ashwin Ramaswami, Saitej Guttikonda, Aditi Choudhury, and Abhinav Kumar finished t-8th at HSNCT and 9th at NSC.

Regular season: This was the first year in two years that the team competed in High Q, but they were knocked out in the first year by Paideia. Their only loss to a GA team this season, Northview, was at the Fulton County Championship, as it was played on some Avery Enterprises set.

At BMAD (at Wilmington Charter), Ashwin learned the importance of protesting, as they were literally seeded in the wrong playoff bracket until they went to check the stats. They finished 3rd at that tournament.


The 2014-15 season was notable for Chattahoochee's highest Morlan ranking yet (at 4th, thanks to their ACF Fall PPB), as well as probably having one having their best B teams ever.

The A team (Nirav, Sahrudh, Amith, Ashwin) ended with the 1-card on Saturday but finished t-8th at HSNCT. The A team did not go to PACE; instead, the JV team (Ashwin, Aditi, Abhinav, Tej, Niranjan) competed, finishing 30th overall and clinching the top JV team title.


2014 NSC: At their first official appearance at NSC since 2009, a team consisting of Julia Tallant, Nirav Ilango, James Tang, Amith Punyala, and Sahrudh Dharanendra finished 13th.

2014 HSNCT: The A team, consisting of Julia, Nirav, James, and Amith, went 7-3 on Saturday and finished T-8th on Sunday, matching other top finishes for Chattahoochee. The B team, led by Sahrudh, finished with a 6-4 record on Saturday (with a 5-point win over Amador Valley in their tenth game) to make the playoffs, the first Chattahoochee B team to do so. The B team and the A team were the top two negging teams after Saturday (with 51 and 49 negs, respectively). The A team finished with 72 negs, only four away from matching the record set by the 2011 Chattahoochee A team.

The season saw the departure of longtime coach Rountree, who left behind a legacy of multiple state championships and several high finishes at national tournaments.


Regular Season: Building off their success at HSNCT, Hooch had a successful year, which saw two upsets of Dorman, a third-place finish behind Ladue and Detroit Catholic Central at WUHSAC, and a 13-0 run at an invite-only HFT mirror at Marist (GA). Low points included a disastrous 3-6 record at Cedar Shoals' SCT DII mirror (in which only two A team members were present) and a third place finish at the state tournament after being beat down by Norcross and eventual champion Etowah without leading scorer Nirav. At NHBB, Nirav placed second in the Geo Bee and the JV History Bee, while the team finished in the top 16 in the Varsity Bowl. Rankings for the team varied, with the team hovering around the low-20s to high-40s in the Morlan rankings and near the bottom end of top-25 polls.

2013 HSNCT: Chattahoochee had high hopes for the 2013 HSNCT, and sent a team consisting of Jiaxiu Zhong, Alex Liu, James Tang, and Nirav Ilango. The day started out strong, with the team going 5-1, including a win over Guilford. However, Jiaxiu had to leave to give her valedictorian speech at Chattahoochee's graduation ceremony, leaving only three members of team at the tournament and almost no real science knowledge. Hooch miraculously managed to upset IMSA A 365-290 to reach 6-1, meaning that they needed only one more game to reach 7-3. However, Chattahoochee dropped their last three games, being destroyed by Blair, soundly defeated by East Chapel Hill after being up at the half, and beaten by Olmsted Falls in a frustrating round on the last tossup. Despite being back to full strength on Sunday, the team went 1-1 in the losers bracket, defeating Treasure Valley but losing to North Hollywood on the last tossup. Chattahoochee finished tied for 50th, finishing outside of the top 32 for the first time in several years. Chattahoochee also fell short of a three-peat of being the highest-negging team overall at the tournament.


2012 HSNCT: The team, consisting of seniors Sophia Chen, Jimmy Zhou, and David Benas, junior Alex Liu, and freshman Nirav Ilango, had a terrible start on Saturday, going 2-2 (including a 5-point loss to an Idrees-less Dunbar). However, after lunch, the team went on to win six straight games, capping it off with an upset of LASA A. The team went 8-2 in prelims for the first time in the school's history, and Nirav, the team's leading scorer, was named a Freshman All-Star. On Sunday, Hooch sent Christiansburg to losers before being trounced by Ladue. A win over Great Neck South lead to a rematch against East Chapel Hill, who had lost to Hooch by only 20 points in their prelim game. Chattahoochee again managed to squeeze out a 15-point win, despite having five negs (for their fourth game in a row). Chattahoochee was ultimately eliminated by fellow Georgia school Centennial (GA), thanks to Adam Silverman's ten powers. The team finished tied for 8th with a record of 11-4, matching the 2009 team's record of eleven wins at HSNCT. With 60 negs, the team also had the most negs of any team in the tournament, including eventual champion Bellarmine.


The team has met recent success at NAQT's High School National Championship tournament placing T7th in 2009 and T8th in 2012. The 2009 team consisted of seniors Wes Austin, Austin Wang, Victoria Shore, and junior Connie Prater.

Current members

Seniors (2017)

Juniors (2018)


Class of 2016

  • Aditya Duddikunta
  • Alex Patton

Class of 2015

Class of 2014

  • Julia Tallant
  • James Tang

Georgia NASAT team members

  • Nirav Ilango (2013)
  • Ashwin Ramaswami (2016) (Georgia A)
  • Aditi Choudhury (2016) (Georgia B)