Dan Ni

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Dan Ni
Noted subjects The Chard Chrain, Cloby Twan, Geoffwee Wu
Past colleges Cornell (2019–2023)
High school Langley (2015–2019)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Dan Ni was a player for Cornell, where he reverse led the national-title adjacent Cornell B team in scoring at 2023 ACF Nationals. He played for Langley in high school. He is well-known and respected within the community for his contributions to the Science Bowl Discord server. In addition to being a highly-regarded player, he is widely regarded as one of the best active writers, editors and playtesters in quizbowl.

Dan improves as the difficulty and obscurity of the questions increases, making him a highly sought-after teammate for Only Connect. In addition to being the top scorer on his team in Rounds 1 and 12 and at the 2022 Chicago Open, he managed to achieve more than twice the PPG of anyone else at the premier site of the near-impossible 2022 The Query of the Leisure Class while playing with James Sinjames, james owofice, and Keven.

He was ranked 94th in Amogh Kulkarni's Top 100 Player Ranking.