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Science Bowl is the bastard child of quizbowl and government-bureaucratized science. It is run by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Unique features of Science Bowl

The strict adherence to rules of any kind. A example of the following was that 10 to the -1 was not accepted for .1 or 1/10 in a short answer question.

There are two types of questions, Short Answer questions and Multiple Choice questions (consisting of W,X,Y,Z), which has to be answered exactly word for word or with the letter.

Tossups and bonuses are interchangeable, but are worth 4 and 10 points respectively.

There needs to be at least 5 people to run one game, a reader, a scorekeeper, a timekeeper, a scientific judge, and a rules judge. Sometimes rooms will have two scientific judges, or two or three rules judges.

When answering incorrectly in the middle of the tossups, 4 points are awarded to the other team, rather than losing 4 points for your team. Perhaps even scientific people can't handle the concept of negative numbers.

Blurts, or saying the answer before being recognized, result in 4 points for the other team, and they get to answer the question.

It consists of only science questions, the greatest thing about it.

The national tournament also features a number of non-quizbowl competitions like an electric car race and design competition.

Academic Competition Results

High School

Year Champion Second Third Fourth
2014 Mira Loma Westview (Portland,OR) Regis Baton Rouge Magnet
2013 Mira Loma NCSSM Lexington University (Irvine, CA)
2012 Lexington North Hollywood Mira Loma Morgantown
2011 Mira Loma Montgomery Blair Sunset Hunter
2010 NCSSM Mira Loma North Hollywood Arcadia
2009 Mira Loma Lexington Oak Ridge Santa Monica
2008 Santa Monica Mira Loma Thomas Jefferson (VA) Fairview
2007 Poudre State College East Chapel Hill Miami Palmetto
2006 State College North Hollywood Santa Monica Albany
2005 Thomas Jefferson Mission San Jose Walton Wootton
2004 Thomas Jefferson A&M Consolidated Baton Rouge Montgomery Blair
2003 Thomas Jefferson Centerville A&M Consolidated Allderdice (Pittsburgh)
2002 Thomas Jefferson (VA) Boulder Mission San Jose Sycamore
2001 North Hollywood
2000 duPont Manual
1999 Montgomery Blair
1998 Valley
1997 Venice
1996 Venice
1995 Van Nuys
1994 Westminster
1993 Albany (Albany, CA)
1992 Lubbock
1991 Lubbock

Middle School

Year Champion Second Third Fourth
2014 Greater Boston Math & Science JDroids Science Club Takoma Park Science Infinity
2013 Creekside (Carmel, IN) Takoma Park (Montgomery Co., MD) Hopkins (Fremont, CA) Treasure Valley
2012 Hopkins (Fremont, CA) Longfellow Seattle Science Infinity Club (not a school) Treasure Valley
2011 Gale Ranch (San Ramon Co., CA) Shahala (Clark Co., WA) Hopkins (Fremont, CA) Van Antwerp
2002 Samford (Auburn, AL)