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Doug Tyson is a former chemistry and math teacher at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School where he also served as the quizbowl coach.

Tyson left Banneker sometime before 2004 to briefly lead a charter school before becoming assistant principal for Thomas Jefferson (VA). In 2013, he entered upper echelon administration, becoming an assistant superintendent for Fairfax County Public Schools, a position that he maintains through 2016.

Tyson holds degrees in math and biochemistry from Dartmouth, and an MS in biochemistry from Yale.

Tyson began coaching quizbowl around 1991. While initially not welcomed to the mostly suburban It's Academic community in local Washington. Gerald Greenbaum of Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Beltsville and Susan Ikenberry at Georgetown Day reached out to him, and offered guidance. For a time, Georgetown Day and Banneker would hold regular scrimmages.

In 2001, Tyson led Washington's All-Star team (mostly made from his Benjamin Banneker team) to victory at the Panasonic Academic Challenge in Orlando. A few months later, the team was treated to a massive banquet which included limousines to honor the victory.

Benjamin Cooper Academic Ambassador Award
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Rob Grierson
2002 (with It's Academic)
Carolyn Hawkins