Rob Grierson

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Robert Grierson
Current team: retired
Career record: 141-39 (1991-96)
Former school(s): The Latin School of Chicago (1984-96)
Other leadership: IHSSBCA founder
Robert Grierson Friend of Scholastic Bowl Award (2003)
IHSSBCA Hall of Fame (2005)

Robert C. Grierson is a former high school coach, though is perhaps better known as an official, editor, writer, advisor, and organizer of Scholastic Bowl in Illinois. For his efforts, he received the 2001 Benjamin Cooper Academic Ambassador Award. In 2003, the IHSSBCA, the organization he had helped to found, awarded him their "Friend of Scholastic Bowl Award" and renamed it the Robert Grierson Friend of Scholastic Bowl Award in his honor.

In 2005, he was a member of the first class of the IHSSBCA's Hall of Fame.

In the early 2010s he mostly stopped being involved in Illinois high school quiz bowl, though he remains the coordinator of moderators for the IHSA state championship. As of the mid-2010s, he read few to no games each year, though when he did read one it was likely that it was the Class AA state championship final.

In the late 2010s he became a game official for the National Academic Championship, and circa 2020 he became the chief editor of Questions Unlimited.

Benjamin Cooper Academic Ambassador Award
Preceded by
Succeeded by
James Garrick, J.R. Barry & Hodges Lewis
Douglas Tyson & It's Academic