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Dynasty Academic Competition Questions, or DACQ, was a question-writing company that operated from 2007–2008. It was founded by Rebecca Fischer, Alex Price, Chris Ray, and Sharon Wong. Like Patrick's Press, its business model relied on supplying practice material rather than tournament sets. DACQ produced 45 packets of 20/20 mACF questions, in addition to subject-specific study guides.

DACQ ceased operations in 2008 following recurring, severe delays in production and distribution of the latter half of the monthly packet subscriptions. Subscribers were offered a choice between a prorated refund or receiving the questions late with other discounts. All obligations were met by the end of the 2008 calendar year, though not by the end of the 2008 academic year as promised. The rise during the 2008–2009 season of publicly-available high school packet archives additionally made DACQ's business model largely obsolete.

Weekend of Quizbowl

In mid-March 2008, DACQ conceived of and ran the first Weekend of Quizbowl at George Mason. WoQ was an early example of a nationally-drawing high school event run on collegiate questions; it used the Illinois MCMNT and NAQT SCT Division II sets of that year. The event drew an elite, geographically diverse field, but was plagued by logistical and tournament-directing problems. A cumbersome rebracketing system and moderator shortage was severe on the first day and somewhat improved by the second, but overall delays, sickness, and incidents of weapon possession (brought on by the ill-advised Ides of March-honoring tournament subtitle "Bring Your Own Dagger", which some people took seriously) persisted. tournament at various points.