Chris Ray

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Chris Ray
Noted Subjects:
General, History, Science theft
Current Collegiate Team Ohio State (2016-Present)
Past Collegiate Teams Maryland (2007-2014); Chicago (2014-2016)
High School Team Richard Montgomery (2004-2006)
Middle School Team None

Chris Ray plays for Ohio State. Chris is a graduate of Richard Montgomery High School and a former member of the quizbowl teams at Maryland Academic Quiz Team and Chicago. Chris is one of the best active generalists in the game, finishing third in the 2012 Player Poll, and being a major scorer on the teams that won the 2008 and 2016 ICTs, as well as the 2012 Chicago Open. He was the chief editor of the acclaimed 2010 NSC as well as the 2013 ACF Regionals.

High School

In 2006, he led the Richard Montgomery team to an HSNCT championship.


Chris was part of a strong 2008 Maryland A team that won 2008 ICT and 3rd place at 2008 ACF Nationals, and subsequently emerged as a leader in his own right, leading Maryland A to a 4th place finish at 2010 ACF Nationals and 4th at 2012 ICT.

Playing Style

Chris possessed a notoriously unpredictable playing style (Eric Mukherjee once compared it to drunken boxing). In high school, he gained infamy for priming the buzzer beyond reasonable limits, a practice he continues to this day even on ACF Nationals questions. Recently, he's succeeded in controlling his negging (achieving a 3:1 ratio at 2012 ACF Nationals), though his ability to upset statistically better teams remains.


In recent times, Chris has been universally acknowledged as an excellent editor who produces very enjoyable, controlled, and well-written tournaments across all categories (tendency towards offhand commentary aside). He was also a co-founder of the now-defunct Dynasty Academic Competition Questions.

Tournament Results

ICT DI Leading Scorer
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Evan Adams
Trevor Davis
NSC Leading Scorer
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Noah Rahman
Kurtis Droge