El Reno-Yukon rivalry

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The El Reno-Yukon rivalry is a rivalry between the quiz bowl teams at El Reno High School and Yukon High School in Oklahoma. The two schools are located 13 miles apart within the same county. Despite Yukon having twice the student population than El Reno, the rivalry has been quite tense at times.

The rivalry began in 2021-22, with Yukon's return to pyramidal quiz bowl. Although the two schools met multiple times that season, the rivalry first heated up in Froshmore, particularly between Riley Ray and Chris Stewart, both freshmen at the time. The rivalry continued to gain heat into the 2022-23 season, especially the Cougar Invitational. However, both schools would qualify for the 2023 HSNCT, with Yukon advancing to the winner's bracket before being swifty eliminated. Both schools would also qualify for the 2024 HSNCT.

Although the rivalry is very one-sided favoring Yukon, the series is a friendly rivalry, and players on both sides have become teammates at Redlands Community College and friends away from the buzzer as well.

Matchup History*


Yukon 100, El Reno 90 (Jenks Trojans HS Invitational)

El Reno 195, Yukon 130 (Bulldog Invitational)


Yukon 470, El Reno 190 (Cougar Invitational)

Yukon 440, El Reno 170 (Lawton Invitational)

Yukon 315, El Reno 160 (2023 NAQT Oklahoma State Championship)


Yukon 405, El Reno 115 (Pioneer Invitational)

matchups in NAQT between two A teams only*