Laurel Springs

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Laurel Springs
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Ojai, CA
Club President Ameya Singh (de facto)
Coaches Jeff Xie
State Championships 1 (2019 NHBB SoCal)
National Championships none
National Appearances none
Program Status Active
School Size 2,951 (K-12)

Laurel Springs School is a private online K-12 school based in Ojai, California, although it has students located all over the world. Laurel Springs won the Middle School Division of the 2019 NHBB Southern California Championships, led by Ameya Singh, their only player for the 2018-19 year.

Team Inception

While LSS has competed in NHBB during the 2018-19 year (as a solo team), the Laurel Springs Quizbowl team was established in May 2019 and currently has 6 members, 2 of whom will be playing in tournaments during the 2019-20 season. Jeff Xie is the current coach for the team.

Roster & Team Results

Quizbowl Team:

NHBB Team:

  • Ameya Singh
  • Vishal Rameshbabu

(above rosters updated as of July 2019)

2018-19 Team Results

Date Tournament Rank Record Stats
03/23/19 2019 NHBB SoCal Championships (MS) 1st Place 7-0 [1]

2019-20 Team Results

Date Tournament Rank Record Stats
09/14/19 Prison Bowl XII Online 9th Place 1-8 [2]