Maryland Spring Classic

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The Maryland Spring Classic is a housewritten high school tournament held every spring at Maryland. Unlike the Maryland Fall Classic, this tournament is in mACF format.


The tournament was a mirror of a Minnesota and Vanderbilt tournament. 1/3 of the questions were written by the Maryland team.


Mike Bentley served as chief editor and tournament director for this tournament. Most other Maryland members submitted at least one packet to this tournament, and most were involved in editing in some fashion.

The tournament was plagued by putting an inexperienced member on stats, resulting in an approximately 45 minute wait in between the final preliminary round and the playoffs. The first playoff round also featured a much too difficult packet put together at the last moment that was not appreciated by many of the lower seeded teams.


2006's tournament was directed and chiefly edited by Casey Retterer.


2005's tournament was a partial packet swap with Case Western.