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Mike Bentley
Noted Subjects:
Computer Science, visual arts, Videogames, maybe some areas of History like the Supreme Court
Current Collegiate Team Washington (2012ish-presentish)
Past Collegiate Teams Maryland (2005-2008)
High School Team West Chester East (2003-2004)
Middle School Team None

Mike Bentley is the Treasurer and a past President of PACE. He formerly played quizbowl for the University of Maryland, where he also served as President of the club. He's most famous in the quizbowl world not for his quizbowl ability but for recording the Quizbowl Cast, formerly hosting the Quizbowl Wiki, and his massive writing and editing work, including seven visual arts tournaments (Eyes That Do Not See), the well received We Have Never Been Modern and the best trash tournaments ever.

High School

Mike played for the West Chester East High School Academic Team in 2003 and 2004. As part of the Varsity Team in 2004 he was on a team that placed 4th at the National Academic Championship. His Typing of the Dead skills allowed him to serve as a moderately successful typist for Chip's Quiznet league, although those were counterbalanced by his terrible spelling skills.

Mike only competed in Chip-style questions in high school, although his team was slated to go the Princeton's NAQT tournament but bad weather intervened.


Mike formerly attended the University of Maryland, where he was a member of the Maryland Academic Quiz Team since his freshman year in 2004-05. In 2006 and 2007 he served as Treasurer of the club under club president Casey Retterer, and for the 2008 year took over as club president.

Mike has served as editor for 2008's This Tournament Goes To 11, the Maryland Fall Classic, TIT and Maryland Spring Classic. During the summer he contributed several questions to Jonathan Magin's Gaddis tournament, edited ASS II and worked on the Gunpei Yokoi Memorial Open. In 2007 he edited ASS, The Chris McCray Tournament For Academic Excellence, the Maryland Spring Classic and some of the Maryland Fall Classic. Despite these efforts, Mike isn't actually very good at the whole playing quizbowl thing.

Probably his best (individual) college performance was at the 2008's Penn Bowl where he fraudulently won an individual scoring prize by beating up on far less experienced players in the lower brackets. Playing only with a very inexperienced teammate, Mike answered considerably more tossups than bonus parts in that tournament, demonstrating his impressive lack of deep knowledge. He has hypothetically improved since then, although he still has a very high tossup-to-neg ratio.

By attaching himself to teams consisting of some of the better members of the Maryland team, Mike has "won" tournaments like 2008's Cardinal Classic and ACF Regionals at Delaware.


After graduating from Maryland, Mike moved out to Seattle with Brittany Clark where he is serving as something of a coach for the University of Washington quizbowl team. He also continues to play open tournaments such as the Minnesota Open. In 2010, Mike played some tournaments as Bellevue College. That year also saw him create Eyes That Do Not See and CULT. Mike also edited some parts of ANGST, served as the history editor for the 2011 NSC, and edited visual arts for the 2012 NSC.

Other Stuff

At a mirror of the 2006 Chicago Open, Mike had the idea (by way of stealing it from 9 Minutes) of recording the matches on his MP3 player. However, due to his incompetence, he didn't actually record anything audible. However, Mike got his act together and successfully recorded the 2007 ACF Regionals, thus starting the Quizbowl Cast. He can still be seen at many tournaments with his trademark audio recording device.

Mike wrote a four-quarter format Nintendo round for the 100th episode celebration for the Go Nintendo Podcast in July of 2007. That round is now up on the Stanford Archive.

Mike hosts Wastebin, a trash question archive.

Mike edited the history for the 2011 NSC; he became the President of PACE in July 2011 after a brief vacancy in the office and held that office for three years, then served as Treasurer for 2014-15 before returning to the presidency.

Mike Bentley is good at writing extremely large volumes of questions for tournaments that need it, such as both incarnations of College History Bowl.

Mike is married to former Maryland teammate Brittany Clark.

Carper Award
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Succeeded by
Jonathan Magin
Rob Carson