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The OSSAA Academic Bowl State Championship is a quizbowl state championship organized by the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association. The tournament is held annually at Redlands Community College in El Reno on the first Saturday in February. Teams qualify for the event by competing in District and Area competitions earlier in the season. Like all other OSSAA events, teams competing in Academic Bowl are placed into divisions according to OSSAA's school size classification system; each division runs independently, and a separate championship title is awarded for each. In 2009, the classifications were shifted, with Class B being dropped in favor of a new 6A class.

Rules and Format

OSSAA is viewed by many teams in Oklahoma as an example of bad quizbowl. OSSAA uses a four-quarter format, with the first and third quarters being composed of twenty short tossups (often only one or two clues), and the second and fourth quarters consisting of 60-second lightning rounds. Tournaments beyond the district level use a double-elimination bracket format, and the winner of any given OSSAA event will likely have played no more than three or four games.

OSSAA's official rules have also been subject to concern: in addition to bizarre rules such as one explicitly banning "Boom boxes...or noisemakers of any kind, including airhorns [and] cowbells", there are other concerning issues, such as a rule preventing students or coaches from presenting reference materials or information available online during a protest.

Concerns Over Question Quality

OSSAA questions are non-pyramidal, and have historically been plagued by inconsistent, weak, and at times factually incorrect writing[1]. OSSAA packets have no standard category distribution (resulting in some 40-question rounds only featuring one Fine Arts question), and the categorization of some questions are often misleading or outright incorrect, such as a question on the autobiography of Tim Tebow being categorized as "Literature".[2]

Moreover, concerns have been raised over the method OSSAA uses to select question providers. While no official information is publicly available, those who have dealt with OSSAA's bidding process have claimed that the only factors which appear to have been considered by the organization were price and location; no mention was made of product quality or the reputation of the provider in any decisions[3].

As a result of question quality concerns, many top teams in Oklahoma do not view OSSAA as a legitimate state championship, and choose not to compete in the organization's competitions, or do so with incomplete or shorthanded rosters (many of these teams instead compete in the NAQT Oklahoma State Championship). However, OSSAA competitions are often seen as more "prestigious" or "legitimate" by school administrations due to their being run by the same organization which oversees all other extracurricular competitions in Oklahoma. As a result, they are sometimes the only events for which schools will officially provide funding.

State Championship Results

Six championship titles are awarded each year; as of 2023, 75 schools have each won at least one championship. Booker T. Washington holds the record for most championships, with twenty titles (each in the two largest divisions), while Drummond has won nineteen (each in the two smallest).

Year Class B Class A Class 2A Class 3A Class 4A Class 5A Class 6A
1990 N/A N/A N/A Central-Sallisaw Guymon Booker T. Washington[4] N/A
1991 Sharon-Mutual Caney Valley Cache Chandler Poteau Broken Arrow N/A
1992 Davenport Washington Westville Claremore Sequoyah Poteau Booker T. Washington N/A
1993 Oklahoma Bible Academy Cordell Meeker Antlers Bishop Kelley Edmond Memorial N/A
1994 Washita Heights Hinton Caney Valley Byng Duncan Booker T. Washington N/A
1995 Drummond Calera Chouteau Hilldale Bishop Kelley Edmond Memorial N/A
1996 Hammon Classen SAS Watonga Harrah Booker T. Washington Edmond Memorial N/A
1997 Kremlin-Hillsdale Fletcher Chouteau Tecumseh Booker T. Washington Edmond Santa Fe N/A
1998 Drummond Union City Indianola Tecumseh Bishop Kelley Edmond Santa Fe N/A
1999 Drummond Union City Caney Valley Bishop McGuinness Booker T. Washington Edmond Santa Fe N/A
2000 Drummond Oklahoma Bible Academy Rush Springs Bishop McGuinness Booker T. Washington Edmond North N/A
2001 Drummond Oklahoma Bible Academy Woodland Edmond Deer Creek Claremore Lawton Eisenhower N/A
2002 Kremlin-Hillsdale Drummond Adair Holland Hall Booker T. Washington Edmond Memorial N/A
2003 Drummond Rock Creek Caney Valley Holland Hall Claremore Booker T. Washington N/A
2004 Drummond Rock Creek Rush Springs Holland Hall Booker T. Washington Edmond North N/A
2005 Drummond Waurika Caney Valley Holland Hall Bishop Kelley Broken Arrow N/A
2006 Drummond Rock Creek Okemah Holland Hall Claremore Booker T. Washington N/A
2007 Drummond Pioneer-Pleasant Vale Warner Holland Hall Claremore Booker T. Washington N/A
2008 Drummond Porter Consolidated Minco Holland Hall Booker T. Washington Jenks N/A
2009 N/A Drummond Haileyville Oklahoma Bible Academy Bristow Thomas Edison Jenks
2010 N/A Drummond Rock Creek Oklahoma Bible Academy Plainview Claremore Jenks
2011 N/A Drummond Rock Creek Oklahoma Bible Academy Cascia Hall Booker T. Washington Claremore
2012 N/A Drummond Rock Creek Warner Blanchard Bishop Kelley Booker T. Washington
2013 N/A Crossings Christian Drummond Chelsea Cascia Hall Claremore Booker T. Washington
2014 N/A Oklahoma Christian Academy Rock Creek Chelsea Cascia Hall Bishop Kelley Edmond Santa Fe
2015 N/A Regent Prep Drummond Oktaha Cascia Hall Bishop Kelley Claremore
2016 N/A Regent Prep Rock Creek Crossings Christian Wagoner Bishop Kelley Booker T. Washington
2017 N/A Regent Prep Rock Creek Wilburton Cascia Hall Bishop Kelley Choctaw
2018 N/A Corn Bible Academy Regent Prep Crossings Christian Heritage Hall Bishop Kelley Choctaw
2019 N/A Drummond Riverfield Crossings Christian Bridge Creek Bishop Kelley Booker T. Washington
2020 N/A Corn Bible Academy Riverfield Wilburton Cascia Hall Carl Albert Booker T. Washington
2021 N/A Corn Bible Academy Riverfield Crossings Christian Tuttle Bishop Kelley Booker T. Washington
2022 N/A Corn Bible Academy Oklahoma Christian Academy Preston Wagoner Bishop McGuinness Jenks
2023 N/A Cement Regent Prep Morris Bishop McGuinness Bishop Kelley Jenks
2024 N/A Corn Bible Academy Oklahoma Bible Academy Morris Holland Hall Bishop Kelley Yukon

Results prior to 2021 are sourced from the "History of State Champions" section of the 2021-2022 OSSAA Academic Bowl Manual

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  4. Booker T. Washington are listed as the winners of the 1990 state championship, though other sources, including past versions of this article, have Broken Arrow listed as 1990 champions. Booker T. are listed here in accordance with the OSSAA Academic Bowl Manual, but given the history of such errors in the early years of OSSAA Academic Bowl, it is difficult to determine who was actually declared champion.