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The NAQT Oklahoma State Championship is an annual tournament held in Oklahoma. It is the main alternative to the non-pyramidal OSSAA State Championship. Until 2005, the Boren Cup at the University of Oklahoma doubled as the NAQT state tournament; after its establishment as an independent event, it was hosted annually by Oklahoma State University 2005 to 2015. Stewardship over the tournament has since been taken over by Tracey Hickman, and it has used multiple hosts, including the University of Central Oklahoma, the University of Oklahoma, and Norman High School.

Over the course of the championship's 20+ year history, only two teams have ever won both it and their division of the OSSAA State Championship: Edmond Memorial in 2002 and Yukon in 2024.

Format History

Typically, the tournament uses standard round-robin formats with preliminary and playoff stages. In 2007, the small and large schools competed together in mixed preliminary rounds, but in separate playoff divisions[1]. In 2023, the tournament was split into separate large and small school divisions, with the winning team from each competing in an exhibition final. In 2024, a 24-team field cap was introduced, with an accompanying qualification system based on performance at tournaments during the regular season.


Edmond Memorial, Edmond Santa Fe, Norman North, and Yukon have each won four overall state titles; Booker T. Washington, and Jenks have each won twice, while Mustang, Norman, and Stillwater have each won once. Hilldale, Drummond, and OSSM have each won one small school title, while Yukon won the only official large school title in 2023.

Overall Champions

Year Champion Runner-Up[2] Third[2] Fourth[2] Field size
2001 Booker T. Washington N/A N/A N/A unknown
2002 Edmond Memorial Booker T. Washington N/A N/A unknown
2003 Edmond Memorial Booker T. Washington N/A N/A unknown
2004 Booker T. Washington Edmond Santa Fe N/A N/A unknown
2005 Edmond Santa Fe Christian Fellowship Homeschool Co-op Edmond Memorial A Stillwater 9
2006 Edmond Santa Fe A Mustang Christian Fellowship Homeschool Co-op A Edmond Santa Fe B 11
2007 Edmond Santa Fe Broken Arrow (T-3) Edmond Memorial A (T-3) Mustang 17
2008 Mustang Edmond Memorial (T-3) Edmond Santa Fe A (T-3) Ponca City 22
2009 Edmond Memorial A Edmond Santa Fe A (T-3) Timberlake (T-3) Edmond Memorial B 12
2010 Edmond Santa Fe Drummond A (T-3) Bristow (T-3) Ponca City A 12
2011 Yukon A Stillwater (T-3) Drummond (T-3) Bartlesville 17
2012 Yukon A Norman North (T-3) Edmond Memorial A (T-3) Drummond A 16
2013 Norman Edmond Memorial A (T-3) Edmond Santa Fe B (T-3) Edmond Santa Fe A 18
2014 Norman North A Edmond Santa Fe (T-3) Norman A (T-3) Edmond Memorial A 17
2015 Norman North Edmond Memorial A (T-3) Edmond Memorial B (T-3) Drummond 12
2016 Jenks Norman North A (T-3) Yukon (T-3) Norman North B 6
2017 Jenks (T-2) Norman (T-2) Drummond Edmond Memorial 8
2018 Edmond Memorial A Stillwater A (T-3) Norman North A (T-3) Norman A 15
2019[3] N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
2020 Norman North A (T-2) Edmond Memorial A (T-2) Stillwater A Edmond North A 18
2021 Norman North A Edmond North Stillwater Edmond Memorial 16
2022 Stillwater (T-2) Coalgate A (T-2) Edmond Memorial (T-2) Norman North 25
2023 Yukon A def. OSSM A 360-175 34
2024 Yukon A Morris A Classen Edmond North 24

Small School Championships

Year Champion Runner-Up Third Fourth Field Size
2007 Hilldale Drummond Haileyville Oktaha 8
2015[4] Drummond (T-2) Hilldale (T-2) Little Axe N/A 3
2023 OSSM A (T-2) Morris A (T-2) Morris B (T-2) Coalgate 16

Large School Championships[5]

Year Champion Runner-Up Third Fourth Field Size
2023 Yukon A Norman North A Edmond Memorial A Lawton 18


  1. The 2007 championship featured mixed preliminary divisions, in which each of the top-placing large schools scored direct or transitive victories against each of the top-placing small schools. As such, the large school champions are listed in this graphic as the "official" state champions
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Some tournaments ended in an unbroken tie for second or third place. Such ties are listed on this page in order of Points Per Game, with the tying position indicated by each team's name.
  3. A suitable host location for the 2019 state championship could not be found in time, so no tournament was held that year.
  4. In 2015, all teams competed together in the same combined field, and there was no official Small School final - however, a small school title was still awarded to the highest-placing small school in the field.
  5. The large-schools only division existed for one year during the 2022-23 season, after which the field was again combined with the small schools.