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The Oklahoma Quiz Bowl Alliance was an organization founded by Eric Bell and Greg Oppel to promote the growth of good quizbowl in Oklahoma. The OQBA hosted a spring and fall tournament each year, as well as the NAQT Oklahoma State Championship. OQBA also sponsored a number of other pyramidal quizbowl tournaments in Oklahoma, such as the Timberwolf Invitational, Bulldog Invitational, and Azalea Bowl. The last official OQBA event was held in 2014.

Tournaments and Results


In 2001 to 2007, the OQBA hosted an ASCN event each fall, in addition to its spring NAQT series. This was later replaced by a second NAQT event.

Year Champion Runner-Up
2007 Mustang Edmond Homeschool
2005 Cistercian (TX) Edmond Santa Fe
2003 Edmond Homeschool Putnam City North
2002 Edmond Memorial Benton (AR)
2001 Edmond Memorial St. Stephen's

NAQT Spring Series

The OQBA's spring tournament was its first NAQT event, and until 2007 was the only such event run directly by OQBA. The spring tournament ran for eight iterations between 2003 and 2010, after which it was dropped in favor of sponsoring events hosted by various schools throughout Oklahoma.

Year Champion Second Third / Fourth
VIII (2010) Edmond Memorial A Norman North Edmond Memorial B / Coweta
VII (2009) Benton A Parkview Arts and Science A (AR) Parkview Arts and Science B (AR) / Haileyville
VI (2008) LASA (TX) Drummond A Cistercian A (TX) / Edmond Memorial A
V (2007) North Kansas City (MO) Edmond Memorial A Booker T. Washington / Christian Fellowship Homeschool A
IV (2006) Edmond Memorial Edmond Santa Fe N/A
III (2005) Holland Hall Edmond Homeschool N/A
II (2004) Edmond Homeschool Edmond Memorial N/A
I (2003) Edmond Memorial Cutter Morning Star (AR) N/A

NAQT Fall Series

After the last fall ASCN event in 2007, OQBA began running a second NAQT tournament to compliment the spring series. As the organization began shifting its focus to sponsoring events hosted by other schools across the state, the spring series was dropped, leaving the fall tournament the only official OQBA event. The fall tournament ran for seven iterations between 2008 and 2014, the last of which was the last event hosted or sponsored by the OQBA.

Year Champion Second Third / Fourth
VII (2014) Cistercian A (TX) Norman North A Cistercian B (TX) / Lovejoy (TX)
VI (2013) Norman North Edmond Memorial A Norman A / Edmond Memorial A
V (2012) Edmond Memorial A Edmond Santa Fe A Claremore A / Booker T. Washington A
IV (2011) Edmond Memorial B Edmond Memorial A Norman North / Claremore A
III (2009) Edmond Santa Fe Edmond Memorial Norman North / Benton (AR)
II (2008) Moore A Stillwater A Prosper A (TX) / Hilldale
I (2007) Booker T. Washington A Parkview Arts and Science (AR) Hilldale / Prosper B (TX)

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