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Patrick's Press
President or CEO John Campbell
Location: Columbus, GA
Status unknown

Patrick's Press is a question writing company based out of Columbus, GA. They sold the "Campbell's Quiz" Books and provided a weekly subscription system much like that of DACQ called "Accent on Academics". Their questions are of very low quality.

Practice Questions

The weekly Patrick's Press set contained about 100 questions, split up between Current Events, This Week in History, General Knowledge, and Arts/Sports/Entertainment. There were also 2+ lightning rounds in each packet, as well as two tossups with related bonuses. One can play a four quarter style round on each practice packet, and still have questions to spare. There were also middle school-level sets and high school-level sets. The high school set was also known to be marketed to collegiate programs.

One to two times a year, Patrick's Press sent out a "Black History Month" packet, usually featuring lightning rounds of the theme "Brown" or "Black". These special packets have also been known to use statements like "this first black on the Supreme Court".

Tournament Questions

Patrick's Press questions were used at some tournaments in New York and the Southeast, as well as the Minnesota Quizbowl League from the 1980s until 2002. They were widely considered among the worst that high school quizbowl has to offer, on par with Questions Galore and Chip Beall. They also produced trivia night questions.

Current Status

The owner of Patrick's Press died in the Spring of 2009, and the company was bought out by Bryce Avery. [1] It appears they still produce and sell questions.


Patrick's Press sold the Quik Pro line of buzzer systems. The Quik Pro systems were manufactured by a company called 4 D Designs, LLC, however, the address for 4 D Designs was the same as Patricks Press.