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The Minnesota High School Quiz Bowl League is a quiz bowl league located in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. It is currently run on questions supplied by NAQT, derived from one of the A series they produce each year, as well as from an IS set for its playoff rounds. The league is directed by Erik Nelson and takes place over multiple nights at separate divisions, which compete at different sites. Each night, a team plays four rounds within its division. After all divisions have played 12 rounds, teams from the top 16 schools convene for a double-elimination playoff. Each school can only send one team to the championship tournament. The MNHSQB League championship tournament is considered by many to be more prestigious than the official NAQT Minnesota State Championship, as it is generally has a more challenging field.


Schools are listed in the division they play in for the 2022-23 season.

List of divisions and competition dates


The current format consists of two eight-minute halves of NAQT tossups and bonuses, with a pair of lightning rounds after the first half. The lightning round consists of groups of ten related questions worth ten points each. The team that is not in the lead gets the first choice of three subjects for their round, and has one minute to answer as many as they can. The other team then gets a 30 second bounce-back phase on questions the first team missed. After this, the process is repeated with the leading team choosing from the remaining two choices. 15-point powers are used in league play, but -5 interrupt penalties are not.

In previous years, MNHSQB games consisted of four "phases." The first phase consisted of twelve very short warm-up tossups. The second phase consisted of standard tossups with powers and bonuses. The first two phases were combined for timing purposes, and were 9 minutes long. The third phase was a lightning round, and the fourth was more tossups and bonuses, for 6 minutes.


Regular season play uses tossups and bonuses from NAQT's A-Series and lightning rounds from its Standard Television Series. The playoffs use questions from a regular NAQT set, which are more difficult. A sample packet of A-Series questions can be found here.


Much of the league's early history is currently unknown. For many years of the pre-NAQT era, all events were held at Burnsville, so that all schools had an opportunity to appear on public television. Records suggest that it was once part of a quiz show on KSTP. As of 2022, matches are no longer televised.

Patrick's Press questions were used in the years preceding NAQT's involvement, and Questions Unlimited provided questions before then, in the mid-eighties. Since the 2006-2007 season, play has been on NAQT questions.

Wayzata has the most titles in the NAQT era, with eight. Eden Prairie is second with five. Wayzata also holds the record for points in a game in the league's NAQT era, having scored 1,035 points against Edina during round 6 of the 2017-18 season.

The league's directors have included:

Past Results

Pre-NAQT era

Year Champion Runner-up
1972 St. Thomas Academy Unknown
1973 Unknown Unknown
1974 Unknown Unknown
1975 Unknown Unknown
1976 Unknown Unknown
1977 Unknown Unknown
1978 Unknown Unknown
1979 Unknown Unknown
1980 Unknown St. Thomas Academy
1981 Unknown Unknown
1982 St. Thomas Academy Unknown
1983 Unknown Unknown
1984 St. Paul Academy Unknown
1985 St. Paul Academy Unknown
1986 Blake Unknown
1987 St. Paul Academy Mounds Park
1988 Unknown Unknown
1989 Unknown Unknown
1991 Rosemount St. Paul Academy
1992 Chaska Unknown
1993 Chaska Unknown
1994 Eden Prairie St. Thomas Academy
1995 Blake Unknown
1996 Blake Unknown
1997 Blake Unknown
1998 Blake Unknown
1999 Chaska Unknown
2000 Chaska St. Thomas Academy
2001 St. Thomas Academy Minneapolis Southwest
2002 St. Thomas Academy St. Louis Park
2003 Chaska St. Thomas Academy
2004 Chaska Eden Prairie
2005 St. Thomas Academy Chaska
2006 St. Thomas Academy Chaska

NAQT era

Year Set Used # of Teams Champion Second Third Fourth
2007 MN-06 98 Eden Prairie St. Anthony Village St. Thomas Academy Wayzata
2008 MN-07 112 Eden Prairie Orono Minnetonka Wayzata
2009 MN-08 100 Chaska Eden Prairie St. Louis Park Wayzata
2010 MN-09 100 Eden Prairie St. Thomas Academy Chaska St. Louis Park
2011 MN-10 108 Chanhassen St. Paul Central Eden Prairie Wayzata
2012 MN-11 110 Wayzata St. Paul Central Chaska Mounds View
2013 MN-12 110 Wayzata St. Paul Central Chaska Eden Prairie
2014 MN-13 105 Eden Prairie Wayzata St. Thomas Academy Blake
2015 MN-14 130 Wayzata Eden Prairie Blake Edina
2016 MN-15 131 Eden Prairie Wayzata Mounds Park Academy Burnsville
2017 MN-16 139 Wayzata St. Thomas Academy Mounds Park Academy Burnsville
2018 MN-17 134 Wayzata Eden Prairie Mounds View Edina
2019 MN-18 118 Mounds View Wayzata Burnsville Eden Prairie
2020 MN-19 126 Wayzata Eden Prairie Mounds View Burnsville
2021 MN-20 86 Wayzata Burnsville Mounds View Eden Prairie
2022 MN-21 88 Wayzata St. Louis Park St. Paul Academy Eden Prairie

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