Peter Komarek

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Peter Komarek
Noted subjects Trash, General, Science
Past colleges Ohio State
High school Walnut Hills (2007-2009)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Former Ohio State student, described as an "expert on Pokemon" by Jacob Durst after beasting a theme packet. He was on the winning team for the Westfield Insurance Brain Game as a junior, winning $10,000 for Walnut Hills. He was on the winning team of the 2009 NAQT State tournament for Ohio, and runner-up for the 2009 Ohio Academic Competition Championship.

Known for being banned from quizbowl by his father until he finished his college applications; this caused him to miss a few NAQT tournaments and the Westfield Insurance Brain Game his senior year. Also notable for being mistaken for a girl on several occasions, including on Quizbowlcast and some creepy guy on the street once.

Won the inaugural Rowdy Raider Tournament after being called the evening before by Jacob Durst, without the knowledge of coach Scott K. Grunder.