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Ohio State
Ohio State.png
Columbus, OH
Current President or Coach Jarret Greene
National championships 2012 NAQT Undergraduate, 2013 NAQT Undergraduate

The Ohio State University (Ohio State) is a large public university located in Columbus, Ohio. Ohio State is represented in quizbowl by the Ohio State Academic Team (OSUAT)


Ohio State has hosted the following tournaments:

  • 2008 Buckeye Invitational (NAQT; HS)
  • From Here to Eternity (Written by Ike Jose and Brian Saxton; HS)
  • 2009 NAQT Ohio State Championship (NAQT; HS)
  • 2009 Buckeye Fall Invitational (Fall Novice; HS)
  • 2010 George Berkeley Anti-Memorial (HSAPQ; HS)
  • 2010 ACF Regionals Midwest (College)
  • 2010 NAQT Ohio State Championsihp (NAQT; HS)
  • 2010 Buckeye Fall Invitational (DAFT; HS)
  • 2010 ACF Fall Great Lakes (College)
  • 2011 George Berkeley Anti-Memorial (HSAPQ; HS)
  • 2011 NAQT SCT Region 7 (NAQT; College)
  • 2011 NAQT Ohio State Championship (NAQT; HS)
  • 2011 Buckeye Fall Tournament (Fall Novice; HS)
  • 2011 MAGNI (College)
  • 2012 Winter War Invitational (HSAPQ; HS)
  • 2012 Buckeye Spring Tournament (Housewrite; HS)
  • 2012 HSAPQ NASAT (HSAPQ; HS Nationals)
  • 2012 ACF Collegiate Novice (College)
  • 2012 Fall Kickoff Tournament (Housewrite; HS)
  • 2012 Penn-ance (College)

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NAQT ICT Division I Undergraduate Champion
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