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Poasting is a slang term for an exaggerated means of typically content-less posting akin to shitposting. It can occur on the forums, the meme group, the Discord, or any other quizbowl social media. Originating as a more general internet term for "post", the concept of poasting gained prominence in quizbowl via prominent Midwestern quizbowler (and avowed poaster) Jakob Myers. It is the means of fulfilling a "need to poast," referring to situations that are particularly susceptible to be poasted in, like the creation of a controversial forum thread or post.

Though not a requirement, many poasters have a particular brand of poasting which is heavily associated with them, and in several cases their propensity for poasting is only an outbranching of a strong personal brand.

Currently active poasters

Historical poasters

For a list of people considered poasters, also see Category:Poasters.