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This is a list of potential projects and goals for the QBWiki.

Creating New Needed Pages

If there are any new pages that need to be created, please list them at this link and/or take on a page that needs to still be created. This page may be useful in identifying some of those.

I'd like to see a large sort of "superpage" on the history of the Format Wars specifically with lots of examples from actual posts to show what kind of arguments were being made and how over time the principles of good quizbowl began to spread but also evolve themselves into what we see today.

Standardizing School Articles

While there are already templates that can be used, there are still a number of schools whose entries are just stubs. Updating all of those school pages to the standard template and updating current contact/roster information would be helpful.

Establishing and Observing Notability Standards and Guidelines

See this talk page for notability guidelines discussion. Creating clear guidelines for notability standards will help us direct future articles and cleanup.

Establishing the Editorial Tone

Although the previous good vs. bad quizbowl conflicts that used to rage on the quizbowl forums are now pretty much settled, how specifically the QBWiki should address these disputes and existing areas of bad quizbowl should be discussed.

Specific Projects

Creating set pages

Many question sets do not have pages. This is particularly egregious for academic sets from the past few years - for instance, at the time of writing the 2016 set stanford housewrite does not have a page.

Part of this effort has been the expansion of the Side events page to provide a centralized index for side events and the creation of pages for as many of those sets as possible.