Quizbowl in the United Kingdom

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There is an active collegiate-level Quizbowl circuit in the United Kingdom, with most major tournaments having a mirror in the United Kingdom. A Quizbowl scene was first established in the UK with the 1998 British Student Quiz Championships (BSQC), but was largely dormant from 2004-2010. Since the revival of BSQC in the 2011 edition, the circuit has remained active, although most inter-university tournaments are still mirrors of US tournaments, with the notable exception of the Cambridge & Oxford Open.

UK Quizbowl

UK Quizbowl is an organisation established in 2018 that oversees most inter-university Quizbowl activity in the UK. UK Quizbowl organises the annual British Novice tournament as well as the British Student Quiz Championships, and also manages the bidding process for tournament mirrors.