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Remembering guys is a phrase taken from David Roth's Deadspin series "Let's Remember Some Guys". It is a group activity in which participants repeatedly list "guys" for other members of the group to remember and comment on. Originally used to refer to athletes of middling importance, the term "guy" is gender-neutral and is occasionally used to refer to other things worthy of remembering, such as proteins or named reactions. It is frequently performed in sports-oriented circles of the quiz bowl community, as in the #qbbasketball channel of the IRC or the #sports channel of the Discord.

To some extent all of quiz bowl is remembering guys in one form or another.

The tournaments

Let's Remember Some Guys and Let's Remember Some Guys II: Let's Remember More Guys were packet-submission tournaments by Andrew Hart that served as literal instances of remembering guys. Notable anecdotes include Jaskaran Singh playing a single tossup which he received powered, thus giving the highest PP20TUH of any individual guy-rememberer.