Sharath Narayan

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Sharath Narayan
Noted subjects Generalist, Literature
Current college Northwestern
Past colleges Vanderbilt
High school James Clemens (2014-2018)
Middle school Liberty (2012-2014)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Sharath Narayan was a player for James Clemens and Vanderbilt and is a current player for Northwestern. In middle school, he played for Liberty.


Middle School

Narayan began his quizbowl career by playing for Liberty in middle school. He enabled Liberty to finished 15th at the 2014 ASCA Middle School State Championship and improved to lead Liberty to second place in the next year. As a result of this performance Liberty qualified and attended the 2015 MSNCT, where the team tied for 29th place. Narayan was 15th in overall PPG at the tournament.

High School

Narayan went to James Clemens for high school and began by finishing 3rd in PPG and enabling a 5th place finish for James Clemens at the 2014 Hoover Invitational Tournament (JV Division). Narayan gained 2nd place PPG at the 2015 Covenant Christian Invitational, at which James Clemens finished 6th. At the 2015 ASCA Junior Varsity State Championship, Narayan tied for 3rd in PPG and James Clemens finished 6th. He led James Clemens to a 4th place finish at the 2015 ASCA High School State Championship. Narayan led James Clemens to win the 2016 ASCA Junior Varsity State Championship. At the 2016 ASCA High School State Championship, James Clemens finished 5th and Narayan was top scorer. Sharath played on the first-ever Team Alabama at the 2016 NASAT.

He won the Jeopardy! Teen Tournament in 2016.

Sharath was the MVP of the 2018 ASCA High School State Championship, leading James Clemens to second place overall.


Narayan is a freelance writer for Spring Academic Games for Elementary Students (SAGES).

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