Triton Fall

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The Triton Fall is a high school tournament hosted by UCSD. The tournament attracts teams from across the SoCal region and is typically hosted in late October or early/mid-November on a housewrite set.


Tournament Date Champion Second Third Field size Results
2009 November 21st Torrey Pines A La Jolla A University 18 Combined
2010 November 13th Torrey Pines B La Jolla A Torrey Pines A 17 Combined
2011 November 12th Torrey Pines A Canyon Crest La Jolla 23 Combined
2012 November 10th North Hollywood Irvine Canyon Crest A 27 Combined
2014 October 18th North Hollywood La Jolla A Irvine A 25 Combined
2015 November 14th Canyon Crest A La Jolla A Torrey Pines 21 Combined
2017 October 28th Canyon Crest A Westview A Canyon Crest B 16 Combined
2018 October 20th Canyon Crest B1 Arcadia A Scripps Ranch 14 Combined
2019 November 9th Westview A Arcadia Del Norte A 12 Combined
2020 November 14th Arcadia A Westview A Santa Monica A 12 Combined

1. Rosters for A and B teams were mostly switched.