Vasa Clarke

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Vasa Clarke
Noted subjects history
Current college Virginia (2014-2018)
High school Maggie Walker (2010–2014)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Vasa Clarke plays at Virginia and formerly played for Maggie Walker. He first heard of academic quizbowl through the TV show Battle of the Brains, before he learned about the precepts of "good quizbowl", and played his first actual tournament at the 2010 iteration of Fall Novice. He played on and off on Maggie Walker's B team, occasionally being drafted into the A team as a backup fourth player, and was on the team that won the inaugural National History Bowl, where his main contribution consisted of negging an increasingly irate Tommy Casalaspi out of questions.

The masterminds behind the 2013-14 Mid-Season Preview apparently decided that Vasa Clarke was a "core teammate" to resident history genius Connor Wood.

Vasa also served as head editor for the 2013 iteration of GSAC, where he insisted upon naming the prelim brackets after characters from Beatles songs. During the writing process, he claimed the title of "Kaiser."

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