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Don DeLillo Presents WAO II
Competition season 2015-16
School(s) None
Head editor(s) Jacob O'Rourke
Difficulty College regular-plus
First mirror November 11, 2017
Announcement link
Packets link

WAO II was a collegiate regular-plus difficulty open tournament with optional packet submission for fall 2017. The tournament was edited by Jacob O'Rourke, Isaac Thiessen, Jakob Myers, Rein Otsason, Joe Su, Harris Bunker, and Derek So. Its name is a reference to the Don DeLillo book Mao II.

The tournament is a spiritual successor to the earlier WAO, retaining its packet submission model but little else. Despite its name, Will Alston was not involved with the creation of the set and in fact played on the open team "QuizDB Promos" at the Princeton mirror.